• The Many Faces of Golem

    Golem has been through a number of iterations. Many artists have tackled mercenaries Danya and Jonah. Here’s a look at the different takes on the duo.

  • Golem #2 Cover Reveal

    Here’s a peek at the inks for the cover of issue #2. The cover was done by Golem artist Giovanni P. Timpano. And yes, Danya and Jonah are going to New York.

  • Golem Comic Book Trailer

    In the future, the rich live above the poor in cities in the sky. The destitute have only one hope for justice. Golem. See the first trailer and get ready for the biggest revenge tale of 2013.

  • Five Movies & Comics that Influenced Golem

    Creative work always has its influences. Nothing we create is completely unique or original. Here are the five stories — from Terminator 2 to Munich — that influenced Golem’s creation.

  • From Script to Final Page

    Ever wanted to know how a comic book goes from script to final page? Here’s the process we used for Golem, including a look at the script, layouts, pencils, inks, colors, and lettering for Page 2.

  • Along Came a SPYDER

    The SPYDER is a civil patrol automaton, which can scale the walls of buildings in the lower cities. It’s job is to scan for illegal activity and, if necessary, “rehabilitate” criminals with its heavy arsenal. To make Spyders appear less impersonal, each is branded with a name. Meet Alfred.